Art Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior Care in Edina MN: Art therapy is sometimes used as part of a treatment program for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Though art therapy won’t cure the disease and may not even improve cognitive ability, it is believed to enhance the lives of patients with Alzheimer’s, and people report some pretty amazing things as a result of art therapy.

Top Tips for Heat Safety for Your Senior

Elderly Care in Brooklyn Park MN: Heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke and heat exhaustion can quickly become serious, even fatal, if not handled properly and elderly adults tend to be more vulnerable to temperature changes than younger people. Understanding this risk and keeping your parent cool is a vital part of guarding their health during the warm weather season.

How to Fight Anxiety with Food

Elderly Care in Woodbury MN: Have you noticed that the elderly loved one you care for has been stressed or anxious lately? Unfortunately this is not uncommon. Well over 40 million adults in America suffer from anxiety, and many of those sufferers are senior citizens.

4 Ways to De-Stress Fast When You Can’t Get Away

Caregivers in Maple Grove MN: Sometimes as a family caregiver you need to break up the stress right now, but you can’t go anywhere or do anything complicated. That’s when having some fast de-stressing techniques in your toolbox can really pay off.

Signs That Your Aging Parent Might be Struggling with Low Vision

Home Care in Brooklyn Park MN: Low vision is one of the most common issues experienced by elderly adults. In fact, approximately 12.2 percent of people throughout the United States between the ages of 65 and 74 are dealing with vision loss, and 15.2 percent of those aged 75 years and older are dealing with vision loss.