Tips for Storing Medicines Safely

Caregivers in Edina MN: It doesnt seem like it should take caregivers much thought to decide where to store their aging relatives medications. Just put them in a cupboard or the medicine cabinet, right?

Foods Seniors with Osteoporosis Should Eat

Elderly Care in Minnetonka MN: Osteoporosis is a disease that affects bone health. The bodies of people with osteoporosis aren’t able to build new bone tissue quickly enough to replace bone tissue that is lost. It makes bones weak and brittle so that they break easily.

How Does Heart Failure Progress?

Home Health Care in St. Paul MN: Heart failure is a condition in which the heart becomes too weak or too stiff to adequately pump blood through the body. It is typically caused by other underlying health conditions that damage the heart, like coronary artery disease or a faulty heart valve.

My Aging Mother is Always Dizzy

Senior Care in St. Louis Park MN: Few symptoms are so universal as dizziness in determining when something is wrong with the body. Dizzy spells can indicate a small imbalance or something much more serious.